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My Needs

God is so good to me. He knew that I was hurting and needed some support. I asked him to strengthen me so that I wouldn’t feel like I did last night again. The result was an outpouring of support from my family. Thank you all so much for being there for me when I needed you.

That I guess is the true lesson. If we truly trust in God to provide, He will make a way for it to happen. Why do we always struggle so hard with turning things over to him? I know I sure do. But I guess like everything else in life, practice makes perfect! The more we get used to turning things over, the more habitual and natural it will become for us to do so.

If you look up the word strength in the concordance you will see an unbelievable amount of appearances throughout the Bible. Old and New Testament. God wants to be our strength. And he will be if we let him – that’s the awesome part!

Every day I wake up amazed all over again. Every time I read the Bible, or talk to God I am amazed. I sincerely hope that never goes away.


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An Outlet

I apologize in advance for the blitz of postings. I have found that the devil has found a weak point in me to get some jabs in. And apparently it is making me feel like I’m isolated. Alone. No one wants to hear what I have to say. No one cares.

In my mind I know this is untrue, but somehow he still manages to weasel his way into my thoughts. After throwing a total fit with Clif again, I have come to the conclusion that until I can build a bigger network of friends, I need to really start using this blog for what it was intended. That is to give me an outlet for everything going on in my head.

You have to keep in mind that other than church on the weekends, and the occasional meeting with my cousin, literally the only people I see or talk to are Clif and the kids. I think that is wearing on me. I am really looking forward to starting small groups next week. I think that is going to make a huge difference for me. And will hopefully help me to cultivate some relationships. I know God has some amazing things planned for me, and I know I will need people in my life for most of this to come to fruition, so I am going to be patient and wait (not my strong suit I’ve found).

Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him. Ps 37:7


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New Habits

Habits. They can be a good thing or a bad thing. tomorrow will be one week since me and Clif quit smoking. We really did it!!!! Yee Haw!

And today I have started what I hope is going to be a new habit for me and kids. We prayed together before they went to school. Just a simple prayer by me, then they each got to add anything they wanted to the prayer.

This is a much more peaceful start than our days usually have. And what good practice for them to get into.

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Using Me

Wow! What an amazing God we have. I have been praying diligently for weeks that God use me. But He knows us best and maybe knew I wasn’t quite ready yet. Oh but He’s talking to me now! The Holy Spirit is becoming my best friend. I talk to him more than anyone else these days I think. I have this picture of me and him walking down a wooded path holding hands.

Today He used me to pray for someone I don’t even know. I could literally feel the Holy Spirit moving in me. And I just started praying over a situation that I had no way of knowing about. Praise the Lord. I kept talking to him saying I was ready. And you know what? When He called I did not hesitate not even for a second. I swear I feel like dancing, singing, shouting out my praise (and I actually did do a bit of that!).

But how am I supposed to sleep now???? I am way too pumped up. God is so good!!!!!

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I heard the coolest phrase the other day in a sermon. You are either a missionary or a mission field. God’s great commission, our common task is to share the Word of God and salvation with others. So either you’re a missionary or a mission field.

I’m a missionary. Not in foreign nations. Not in urban areas. But in my own way I’m a missionary.

The other cool thing I heard was a sermon on not hesitating to answer the call from God. Jesus did not hesitate to forgive you thru his blood when you accepted him. We should not hesitate to answer his call on our life. Acts 8:26 – 30 is the perfect example of this. Holy Spirit said go – Phillip went. Holy Spirit said go near – Phillip ran.

No hesitation. No questioning. Just immediate obedience. I hope to grow into that kind of walk.

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Walking in Faith

This mornings reading took me to Hebrews. Chapter 11 of Hebrews tells us the power of faith. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Heb 11:1 The chapter continues with that theme showing some of the different mighty works of God done by people of faith. Abel, Enoch, Noah, Moses, Abraham. The list goes on and on. But here is something really important:

But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe the he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Heb 11:6

We have to have faith in God to provide for us. Have you received your call from the Lord? One pastor I heard recently termed it our “mission impossible”. In our mind it may seem too huge, too big for us to accomplish. And you are right, on our own we probably can’t accomplish it. But with faith in God we can accomplish anything – what job is too big for Him?

I think God led me to this passage this morning to remind me to have faith! Sometimes I will need to just blindly follow my Father, having faith that he knows how to get me to where I need to go. I think few of us truly grasp that kind of faith. Think of the amazing things we could do if we did!

So this week I’m going to apply some faith to a few things I’ve been hanging on to. God is so good to me, and more than sufficient to provide for anything I need. I am ready to walk forward in faith!

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Doubly Blessed

Have to share my funny baptism story. I was so excited and was all ready to do the deed. He dunked me, and either he dropped me or I slipped. So I went down for a second dip. He laughed and said I was doubly blessed. Only I could manage something like that =)

But it was a beautiful morning, and an amazing day. Thank you to my friend Jennine who made the effort to come support me this morning. And thank you for everyone’s prayers.

Keep them up…

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